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CAME KEY Point-to-point local gateway to set-up, configure.

CAME Key is the intelligent device that simplifies the installer’s work, bringing some of the advantages of being connected to the CAME Cloud even in those systems where a CAME Connect gateway has not yet been installed.

CAME KEY is the smart wi-fi device to speed up the installation of automatic gates, road barriers and garage doors by smartphone or tablet, directly on site, without the need for an Internet connection. Thanks to CAME KEY and the CAME SetUp App, the professional installer can set the operator parameters bringing some of the advantages of being connected to the CAME Cloud even in those systems where a CAME Connect gateway has not yet been installed.

Benefits of using CAME Key

  • It communicates via Wi-Fi with the CAME SetUp App
  • It automatically recognises the board and the type of operator.
  • It gives access to many features for quick and easy installation.
  • It is used to save the operator parameters on the CAME Cloud and to retrieve them at any time.


  • Access the system configuration wizard for quick and easy commissioning.
  • Set the automation parameters.
  • Manage, configure and duplicate remote controls (also via QR Code).
  • Manage transponder and keyboard selectors.
  • Analyse the status of the safety accessories.


  • Display configurations and operators organized by customer.
  • Back up your configurations saving them on the CAME cloud or on your device.


  • Update the operator firmware.
  • Analyse the errors.
  • Perform an operator diagnosis.

Download CAME KEY user guide

Check out the Rio System 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi do you offer next day delivery

yes all orders are sent out, for next working day delivery, we also offer a next working day PRE 10am delivery for £25.00 (excluding Barriers system as they need a special carrier) Cut off time for ordering is 3pm

Cool as I mentioned the remote i currently have is a rolling one, will the fixed clone from that or do i need to follow a different process sorry for the questions its for my gaffers gate, dont want him locked out because of me

Came rolling code remotes, are best programmed to the control panel, one at a time if you till me the control panel model and a photo I will till you how to program the remotes to it   for the CAME ZBX7N, you will need to enter programming and choose U1 option, then press enter, then press the button you need to program. Wayne

Hi im after a few CAME TOPD4RKS remotes, are they the same as other remotes to pair just pressing the button and cloning it over?

The Came TOP4RKS remote's can not be cloned as they are rolling code. You need to order the Came TOP4FKS fixed code remotes. These can be cloned, see link below https://gateautomationdirect.co.uk/product/topd4fks-black-4-channel-double-frequency-fixed-code-transmitter-self-learning Regards Wayne Gate Automation Direct

Can i use Paypal credit t make a purcahse

yes just choose PAYPAL CREDIT when you checkout

will The Frog A motor fit into the old style motor casings,

thanks for the question. unfortunately the new FROG A motor will not fit into the old style frog-cf casing, Due to the fixing bolts being spaced different, you will need to order a new casing a frog-bn as below. https://gateautomationdirect.co.uk/product/came-frog-foundation-casing-with-anti-corrosion-treatment regards   Wayne sales / support

Can i pay with paypal

yes you can pay with Paypal, just choose that option at checkout


The new sliding gate motor from came with adaptive torque

The New CAME 36v BKV Sliding Gate Motor


  • Range designed for high-performance and functionality in complete safety, for a variety of uses, even industrial, and continuous duty.
  • All BKV motors feature the new “Adaptive Torque Technology” to ensure lasting, smooth, constant speed during movement.
  • Control board, with separate terminal board and graphical display, for simpler installing and diagnosing. Can store up to 250 users.
  • Four safety inputs which can be configured to directly manage the (8k2Ω) resistive sensitive safety-edges.
  • Set up to run CAME KEY and to connect to the cloud via CAME Connect.
  • New quick-release lever for emergencies.
  • Set up to fit the 806SA-0120 control board for managing up to eight settings.
  • On-board Rolling Code and (Twin) Key Code radio-frequency decoding.
  • It manages RIO System 2.0 wireless safety accessories via the 806SS-0040 accessory.
  • The R800 accessory lets you directly manage CAME keypads, while the R700 lets you connect CAME transponder selectors.
  • Seven versions: for 800 kg and 20 meters, up to 220 kg and 23 meters.
  • The movement speed is 10.5 m/minute.
  • Available with module 4 and 6 pinion to ensure sturdiness and better quality of movement.
  • Built-in ZBKN control board with display and memory roll, for easier programming and start-up.
  • Plug-in connectors for RIOCN8WS, R700, R800, RSE and AF receiver cards.
  • It handles up to 25 Rolling Code users.
  • Designed to fit magnetic limit-switches.
  • Self-diagnosing safety devices.

Compatible with CAME KEY


BKV15AGE – Plus High-performance operator with 36 V motor, featuring a control board with graphical display, Adaptive Speed & Torque Technology, four safety inputs, magnetic limit-switches and clock accessory included, for gates up to 1500 kg in weight and 20 m in length.


BKV20AGE – Plus High-performance operator with 36 V motor, featuring a control board with graphical display, Adaptive Speed & Torque Technology, four safety inputs, magnetic limit-switches and clock accessory included, for gates up to 2000 kg in weight and 20 m in length.


BKV25AGE – Plus High-performance operator with 36 V motor, featuring a control board with graphical display, Adaptive Speed & Torque Technology, four safety inputs, module 6 pinion, magnetic limit-switches and clock accessory included, for gates up to 2500 kg in weight and 20 m in length.

Bircher Resistive Safety Edges

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The new XTS touch screen monitor has arrived!

Inspired by the desire to produce the highest quality video entry product available, XTS incorporates the latest cutting edge video touch screen technology.

The optical bonding process increases strength whilst reducing ambient reflected light, eliminating environmental glare and dramatically increasing the contrast ratio of the display.

XTS is the first video entry monitor to employ this ground breaking innovation.


    Want added security and peace of mind? At the touch of the button, XTS can record audio and video from the call in progress.
    Expecting an important delivery and don’t want to be disturbed? Simply enable the automated video voicemail and record an outgoing message. You can review your saved audio and video footage of the call later, at your convenience. Video messages are stored to the internal memory of the monitor and streamed directly to your smartphone via a push notification from the VideoEntry app, meaning no video footage is stored in the cloud (patent pending).
    Own an IP CCTV system and want to access live images easily and conveniently? Integrate them into XTS for full visual security at the touch of a screen.
    When using the tiled menu structure, different background colour schemes can be selected by the user to easily change the appearance of the XTS interface.
    Need to know if someone tried to contact you? XTS will provide a missed call log showing the dates and times. Even when the monitor is in standby, an LED will illuminate to alert the user with a missed call notification when the screen is not active.
    Having a party and don’t want to keep having to get up to let everyone in? Activate the auto open feature on XTS and next time the call button is pressed the gates will open automatically (similar operation to a ‘trades timer’ function).


Whether sending a notification to an individual or an entire building, unlock the powerful text messaging function when XTS is combined with the unrivalled flexibility of our concierge software.
Without the need for residents or occupiers to provide personal contact details, keeping their personal data protected, XTS can provide the communication tool needed in modern building concepts.

    Residents can reply to messages or notify the concierge of events using the on screen text facility without the need to call.
    The concierge can select who needs to receive important notifications or service updates so only those affected are notified.


The XTS graphic user interface software will allow the system installer to customise the screen like never before. This unique feature is available on all XTS IP monitors.

Home and operational screens can be personalised with any background image, custom buttons and layout design imaginable. Unused function buttons can be removed to simplify the user  experience, background images and custom button graphic sets can be imported to make each installation truly unique.

Function buttons can be assigned to any action and any image can be used as a function. Load in an image of the actual entrance and press that image to activate the camera preview. Change the page order and layout to suit the installation when swiping between screens.

Design schemes can be applied to individual monitors, or a shared scheme can be applied to a whole building incorporating logos or complementary colour palettes. Give each floor of a building
a unique design, offer the penthouse an exclusive interface with additional features, the possibilities are endless with XTS.

Schemes (including function button operations) can be pre-designed and saved to be imported later. Contact details or maintenance company details can be set as the background image in industrial or commercial settings. The only limitation of XTS is your creativity.


You can use the home connection to bring the video intercom on to the network, at no extra cost.

XTS is equipped with a WiFi card and with a simple configuration can be connected to the internet. In this way you can use the video door entry system remotely via your smartphone or tablet.



XTS has been designed to make minimal impact and complement its surroundings. The total depth of the unit is only 24mm when wall mounted.


The XTS monitors elegant and ultra slim design fits discreetly into any environment.

To make installation simple and quick, XTS uses a series of powerful mini magnets to securely hold the monitor to the desired bracket (surface or recessed mounted).


An understated and sleek table mount is available, allowing the XTS to be used in any application.

CAME DADOO, Formal, elegance and technological innovation

  • Long-lasting and low consumption. Its energy efficiency is the result of its low consumption (6W).
  • One model, universal power supply.
  • Dadoo is the only universal, LED flashing light, because it works with different power supply voltages: 230 V AC – 120 V AC – 24 V AC DC

CAME frog underground kits with encoder for increased safety, on sale @ discount prices.

New CAME Selector Range

MTM Gsm intercoms@ discount prices, order yours today!

There’s Free Delivery On all order over £250

Bespoke Access Control Systems…

Here at Gate Automation Direct we have a dedicated team devoted to the specific needs of bespoke design for large installations. Our organisation is geared to assist in all aspects of a project from conception to completion with our end to end service in operation for more than a decade, proving invaluable to an ever increasing number of professional organisations.

Assisting in Schematics and Provisions

We can assist in the writing of specifications and provision of schematics for tender packages, as well as carry out site surveys or attend meetings so that you always have the information that you need.

No Compromise

We can act as an intermediary for you and your installers, providing technical advice on agreed systems, so that you get the system you asked for without compromise and ensure that any alterations you make are automatically distributed to the relevant parties.

Helping Installers

For the Installer, we can provide products tailored specifically to your project and a member of our Sales Support team will be personally assigned to manage stock and order requirements for the duration of the project, giving you a single point of contact with someone who is always aware of what you are doing.

Our Delivery

Our record for delivering a seamless service on some of the biggest developments in Europe is un-paralleled, take a look at our case studies to see some of the projects already installed.

Contact Us..

Call: WAYNE ON 07468 597410 with your requirements.

Email: wayne@gateautomationdirect.co.uk

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    Free CAME GSM Standalone CAME Connect Gateway Module ), when Purchasing either
    ( CAME FROG 230v Kit for a pair of gates with encoder FROG AEP )
    ( CAME FROG 24v kit for a pair of swing gates Inc. encoder FROG AEP24 )
    Just add GSM unit to cart & use CODE ( freegsm ) @ Checkout

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