X-AIR Entry

Compatible with Android or Apple devices, X-AIR takes video entry to the next level of innovation. Exceptional quality images and audio are transmitted directly to your tablet or smart phone, allowing two way conversation and door release functions Video calls can be transferred between devices, remote cameras can be viewed, in fact, all the functions you would expect from a standard monitor are at your fingertips. Using a standard wireless router, the X-AIR apps work on their own or side by side with traditional hard wired monitors to give the ultimate flexibility.

Standard X-AIR kits can call up to 3 individual smart devices as well as any number of BPT monitors and are compatible with the entire BPT range.

  • Easy to buy kits
  • Kit includes entry panel
  • Fast installation
  • WIFI compatible
  • Works with up to 3 devices inside the accommodation
  • Expandable IP intercom


Up to ten devices including home automation!

X-AIR PLUS+ mini-server technology builds on the features of X-AIR, allowing up to ten devices to be called. Significantly, X-AIR PLUS+ can also integrate seamlessly with Crestron touchscreens without the need for a full BPT server.

A mixture of tablets, smartphones, Crestron devices and traditional monitors can be used in harmony, making X-Air Plus+ the most cutting edge and versatile home entry solution for any situation. The mini-server can also act as a secure network device, providing LAN isolation within an apartment to ensure privacy from the building network in multi apartment installations. X-AIR PLUS+ can also utilise the full functionality of the XiP porter system, allowing seamless interaction in apartment block layouts.

  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • Crestron compatible (X-AIR PLUS+)
  • A full range of kits
  • Thangram or VR panel options
  • WIFI compatible
  • Fast installation

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