Make sure your gates are safe, and ready for the winter ahead!


In order to comply with HSE standards, manufacturers recommendations and to ensure that the automatic gate remains reliable, it is vital that automated gates are maintained regularly.

with our service contract, we cover the East & West Midlands, and offer a,

1 -Year service contract at an affordable price of £180. Inc vat

2 -Year service contract at an affordable price of £360. Inc vat

3 -Year service contract at an affordable price of??490. Inc vat. Saving ?50

Other Areas of the UK Covered, please enquire for the cost of this service.

  • Joining our scheme will bring you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that:
  • You’re getting the most from your gates and automation system by having them regularly serviced
  • The electrical and mechanical safety mechanisms have been regularly tested
  • The emergency release system will operate properly if you have a power failure
  • Your service call will take priority over non-scheme customers
  • The labour charge for a call out is included in your annual payment (except where it has been vandalised or damaged) so you only pay for any parts needed.

A service contract for peace of mind – arrange it and forget it

As with anything electrical or mechanical, regular servicing and maintenance will help to ensure many years of reliable use and may also help to prevent future problems arising. Just like a new car needs to have a regular service, a new electric gate is much the same. When you invest money in an automation system, it makes sense to have it looked after properly by us.

1- year Service Contract at an affordable price of £180 inc Vat @ the currant rate.

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See The 28 Point Service Checks  that are carried out by our engineers during a routine preventative maintenance inspection / service visit.

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