Ideal solutions for industrial sliding gates
The Bk is the top when it comes to service and safety. It is designed for automating apartment blocks, industrial and collective area sliding gates in general. It comes in 9 different versions – all thought up to meet the usage requirements and solve any needs related to considerable weight, and thickness.
Flexibility and safety thanks to a complete range engineered around different types of use – from industrial to intensive.
Self-diagnosis of safety devices.
A broad range of operators even with encoder-based movement control.
Can control the auxiliary lighting in the passage area.
PRATICO SYSTEM: for activating the radio release patented by CAME, you need to add a plug-in radio-frequency card.
Module 4 or 6 pinions for transmitting fluid and linear movement to the rack.
The BK-2200T model is three-phase powered to ensure greater thrust.

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