Gate Maintenance

Automated Gate Maintenance

In order to comply with HSE standards, manufactures recommendations and to ensure that the automatic gate remains reliable, it is vital that automated gates are maintained regularly.
with our service contract, we cover the East & West Midlands, and offer a,1-year Service Contract at an affordable price of £195 + Vat.
Other areas of the UK covered, please enquire for the cost of this service.
Listed below are a the 28 point checks that are carried out by our engineers during a routine preventative maintenance inspection / service visit.

Automated Gates Preventative Maintenance Procedures:

1. Check general operation of system
2. Inspect structural state of gate support
3. Inspect cable ducts and access where possible
4. Inspect condition of gates
5. Check gate alignment and ground clearance
6. Inspect general condition of hinges, gate stops and other gate furniture
7. Grease hinges
8. Inspect operators for condition, damage, wear etc.
9. Check operator fixings, brackets and geometry
10. Assess performance of operators and clutch settings
11. Pressure test and adjustment – open and close
12. Check manual release and locking performance
13. Check protection of electrical connections to operators
14. Assess system usage levels
15. Assess Logic, Run, Pause, Leaf Delay and Over-run times
16. Carry out electrical inspection and earth insulation test on motors and their cables
17. Inspect isolation and protection of mains power supply
18. Check if RCD is present
19. Check electrical connections, terminations and protection
20. Check earthing termination
21. Check condition and operation of all control equipment
22. Check sealing of control box
23. Check sealing of Audio Link, photocells and other control equipment
24. Clean Audio Entry panel
25. Clean out foundation boxes and check drainage for underground operators
26. Check and if required, change batteries on Safety Edge and Photocell Transmitters
27. Highlight any areas of concern and provide appropriate recommendations
28. Check, affix and date service sticker