A Stylish Stylo..

01/18/2021 0 By Wayne Hibbs
  • Movement controlled by the encoder.
  • Compliance tested to meet UK standards.
  • For installing on gates with minimum width, starting from 8 cm, posts; even up against a wall or fence, thanks to the straight-arm option.
  • Can operate in emergency mode during power outages.
  • Reliable and sturdy even if smaller in size, thanks to its irreversible system.
  • Custom-key release system.

Small pillars, fences or walls close to swing gates? Stylo only needs an 80mm wide pillar to automate swing gates and increase their practicality and efficiency. Available with straight or articulated arm, Stylo is equipped with all the latest CAME technology, with encoder-based movement control and reversible gearmotor, particularly suitable for pedestrian gates, or irreversible with release system and customised key. Discover the advantages of Stylo: https://bit.ly/3sDk0Lx