Don’t for get the Safety Edges

01/01/2021 0 By Wayne Hibbs

They are the heart of you Automatic Gate system!

Safety Switching Units

Our safety controllers range from basic single output units (for control boards with only one safety input) to our single channel wireless safety edge system (with a range of up to 100m).

In addition, we stock BBC Bircher Smart Access’ Cat. 2 and Cat. 3 units, ES Gate 2 and ES Gate 3, which are generally used on automatic swing gates. This application allows two edge inputs and two outputs for applications where directional logic is needed.

Our two-channel wireless system also allows directional control on either swing or sliding gates and is the ideal solution for retrofitting safety equipment to existing gate installations.

The Intra-6 inductive transmission kit for sliding gates has two fixed edge inputs as well as two mobile edge inputs to ensure your gate installation is safe.

S-Line Safety Edges

S-Line was developed for applications where small safety edges are needed. Quick to assemble, S-Line offers enormous flexibility for production of different types in various lengths. The S-Line 16 x 20mm profile is certified to meet the requirements of EN1760-2, and is suitable for use in safety applications. Profiles 11 x 8mm and 16 x 12mm are contact switching edges, and should not be used where Category 2 or 3 is required (but are suitable for hinge protection on gates etc.).

ClickLine Safety Edges

ClickLine safety edges feature rubber profiles with a click-fit foot that are easy to mount, saving time. Installation from the top means you can say goodbye to the difficult sliding-in procedure. This fitting method means even damaged safety edges can be repaired or replaced quickly and easily. The ClickLine profile shape guarantees the greatest possible switching reliability.

StandardLine Safety Edges

StandardLine – Safety edge profiles with standard mounting foot. The tried-and-tested, reliable profile family – StandardLine offers the widest range of contours for all kinds of applications such as protecting crushing and shearing points on automatic gates, doors, shutters and grills.

CoverLine Safety Edges

Ideal for high visual requirements, the aluminium profile is covered by the lateral attachment principle for a uniform appearance that blends into even the most demanding designs. Installation is quick and easy: simply click in, no need for pulling in sideways. CoverLine is especially suitable for vertical installation, such as sliding gate at site entrances, and long overtravel distances. Specially developed profiles guarantee the highest switching reliability.