What’s the Key…..

06/18/2019 0 By Wayne Hibbs


Your new work tool

Completing the installation from now is even easier thanks to CAME KEY, the new Wi-Fi device that speeds up the configuration, setting and maintenance of a system.

CAME KEY is the smart wi-fi device to speed up the installation of automatic gates, road barriers and garage doors by smartphone or tablet, directly on site, without the need for an Internet connection. Thanks to CAME KEY and the CAME SetUp App, the professional installer can set the operator parameters bringing some of the advantages of being connected to the CAME Cloud even in those systems where a CAME Connect gateway has not yet been installed.

Benefits of using CAME Key

  • It communicates via Wi-Fi with the CAME SetUp App
  • It automatically recognises the board and the type of operator.
  • It gives access to many features for quick and easy installation.
  • It is used to save the operator parameters on the CAME Cloud and to retrieve them at any time.


  • Access the system configuration wizard for quick and easy commissioning.
  • Set the automation parameters.
  • Manage, configure and duplicate remote controls (also via QR Code).
  • Manage transponder and keyboard selectors.
  • Analyse the status of the safety accessories.
  • Complete with RSE Adaptor


  • Display configurations and operators organized by customer.
  • Back up your configurations saving them on the CAME cloud or on your device.


  • Update the operator firmware.
  • Analyse the errors.
  • Perform an operator diagnosis.

Full List of Came Connect Compliant Devices see link below