New this week, the CAME KEY Point-to-point local gateway

03/16/2019 0 By Wayne Hibbs

Now in stock CAME KEY

Download CAME KEY user guide

Works with all boards just plugs into the RSE port using adaptor supplied.  or with the new BKV SLIDING MOTOR, the KEY plugs direct on to the board.

connect up Your smartphone/ tablet via WI-FI & CAME Setup APP and your away.

we tested one yesterday. so simply and fast to use.

CAME KEY Point-to-point local gateway to set-up, configure and back-up the

Came – new came key, intelligent wi-fi interface for automation smartphone settingthe new came key accessory is available, the wi-fi interface for the smartphone secting of automations. Came key is an instrument dedicated to the installer that, connecting it directly to the automation, can configure the automation directly from smartphone through the setup app from pc.the main functionalities of came key are:
– connect the smartphone to the control panel through wi-fi.
– use the quick setup
– manage transmitters, keypads and transponders
– analyze the state of safety inputs
– analyze the list of errors of automation
– monitor the number of maneuver
– send commands to test the automation
– update the automation firmware
– save and load the configurations in the cloud
– export and import configurations to create standard models
– simple, intuitive and fast automatic configuration and maintenance.the connection can happen in the control panels with:
– came key “slot”: specific slot available in the bkv and in all the future control panels.
– connection for rse: they can be connected to came key through an adapter / cable.