Discover the world of CAME Connect

03/14/2019 0 By Wayne Hibbs

Welcome to the future of automation

CAME Connect is a powerful cloud-based management tool that allows you to remotely control your automation systems at the touch of a button via your smart phone using CAME’s automation app or through a dedicated web page. Whether you are a user, owner or installer you have the ability to interface with your home automation products, with various access levels based on your credentials. Products that can be managed by the system include electric gates, door entry systems, CCTV and lighting, as well as many other products using the dedicated hardware.

CAME Connect gives you the ability to manage anything from your daily automation schedule at home, to controlling high security access points in large public areas, remotely by linking to a central server from any internet connected device.

Benefits for end users


CAME Connect lets you manage CAME systems remotely from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Using only an app or web browser, and our user-friendly platform, in just a few clicks you can check what is happening in your home. You can see if you left the lights on, if you’ve switched on the alarm, or even adjust the temperature.

Join the Connect world, the future is in your hand

A secure access-point for all devices

Thanks to Cloud technology, now you can very securely link up your system to the web. A team of experts is on call 24/7 to protect your privacy. Cloud technology, the choice for big business.

With CAME Connect, control a broad range of CAME products: from single video entry units to the full home-automation systems; from automatic parking to integrated operators in special access-control; and large public-venue management projects. Linked up operators that interact with users and installers via any internet-linked device, at any time.