01/26/2019 0 By Wayne Hibbs

deal solution for sectional and overhead doors in single homes.

Maximum traction force: 600 N
Max. surface of the door: 9m²

  • Ready-to-use automated solutions.
  • The operator is fastened directly onto the drive guide.
  • 24 V DC systems to ensure greater safety and reliability.
  • A vast range of control and safety accessories to complete the operator.
  • Silent and reliable, belt or chain drive tracks, plus external pullcord release to fit onto the door’s lock and handle system.
  • Systems tested in compliance with current regulatory standards.
  • Rolling Code radio programming, can save up to 250 different users.
  • External display buttons for easier start-ups and diagnoses.
  • Automatically calibrates forces.


Ver is the ideal solution for most small and medium garage doors, both overhead and sectional. The availability of a wide range of accessories means it is easy for the operator to adapt to your fixture, without expensive configuration interventions. In addition, the motor can be put in three different positions depending on the space available.