Still the best swing gate arm! the CAME AMICO,

01/18/2019 Off By Wayne Hibbs

AMICO Kits in 230V standard OR 24V Systems with encoder.

Ideal solution for fitting on gates in residential settings

Coupled with the ZL90 control panel, Amico’s built-in encoder technology constantly monitors and controls the gates movement, allowing for total safety.

  • Refined and exclusive design.
  • Release system with triangular key.
  • Adjustable mechanical stops for memorising gate run.
  • Simplified connections with a single, three-conductor cable.
  • Supporting diecast aluminium half-shells.
  • The worm screw is always protected thanks to its dedicated cover.
  • It works in emergency mode during blackouts.
  • Self-diagnosis of safety devices.
  • Tested in compliance to parameter established by the current norms

Your best friend

Robust, reliable, discreet. The Amico solution is designed for gates with swing leaves up to 1.8 m in length.
Resistant protective shell with convenient access to the release key.

The motor with a little bit extra

The system features encoder technology that checks the correct movement of the gate: the presence of an obstacle stops the movement of the leaf and, if configured, changes its direction of travel. Self-diagnosis of safety devices and mechanical stops adjustable for memorising the run.


  • For installers: easy connection with only one cable with three wires; EN Tested technology for easy system certification in accordance with European standards.
  • For users: ability to automate your gate in complete safety thanks to the sophisticated electronics; board connecting to the emergency batteries in the event of a power failure (optional).

Total control

In addition to the normal control and safety functions, Amico electronics makes it possible to manage gate opening and closing times and slowdown stages simply, according to your requirements.