11/22/2018 Off By Wayne Hibbs


Frog represents the synthesis of CAME’s design philosophy and creativity applied to swing gates. Extremely sturdy and all but invisible, the system in no way detracts from the aesthetics of your entrance. The Frog Residential Underground Swing Gate Operator is ideal for ornamental swing gates. Installed below grade in a waterproof casing, and protected by a steel access plate that is flush with the driveway surface, it provides an invisible solution.

The invisible solution for the automation of the gate.
High degree of protection (IP67) from weather agents.
Automatic re-hooking of the system after a manual release of the gate.
Can open up to 180° (with the 001FL-180 accessory).
FROG-AE and FROG-A24E with encoder technology, tested according to the parameters established by law.
The 24 V versions can also operate during power outages.
Built-in adjustable gate-leaf stops.

Powerful and fast installation is simple and the preparation of the foundation box