CAME AXI125SG-P Complete kit

11/11/2018 Off By Wayne Hibbs
A motor that blends cutting-edge technology with unmatched electronics.

ZL65 Max Leaf Width 2.5m Product Type Worm Drive


A motor that blends cutting-edge technology with unmatched electronics.

Its constant movement and linear slow-downs when using gate leaves measuring up to 2.5 m or weighing up to 300 kg make Axi the ideal operator when high performance levels are required.

Bespoke design

The fine quality materials and the careful design of the inner workings, make Axi an innovative sleekly-designed operator: it is safe and reliable and ensures high performance levels.

Intensive duty

This 24 V line is available for gate leaves measuring up to  2.5 m and weighing 300 Kg. It comes in either gray or blue.

Silent operation and fluid movement

Fluid movement and linear slow downs make Axi the ideal operator.
Enhanced fluidity of movement and greater power, all in total silence.


These let you expand the operator’s functionalities while perfectly integrating with the product’s structure. For example:

  • Green Power module to ensure tenfold reduction in energy consumption to go from 5 W to 0.5 W. To offset energy waste when in stand-by mode.
  • Battery kit for power supply during blackouts
  • Gateway module for remote management
  • Remote releasing device.

CAME ZL65 Axi control panel

  • The control board features a series of improvements that increase its quality and make for easier settings. The multi-functional user-friendly display ensures faster programming speed.
  • The separate color-coded terminals make for less connection time required and provide practical diagnoses of any malfunctions.
  • The control panel also features a series of connectors for managing accessories such as RIOCONN, Rio System’s wireless security-system management module.

Cloud connected

The CONNECT GW gateway module enables the operator to connect up the GSM, WiFi or LAN network and to completely manage it remotely via Cloud technology.